Body Sculpting Procedures in Los Angeles

Killer curves or tummy tautness, the body treatments you’re seek are just a few clicks away. Dr. Stanton is most famous for his buttocks augmentation results, but our full range of surgical body procedures can enhance any area. 

Butts should be full, voluptuous, and well-shaped. Butt implants can give you the volume and shape you desire, creating a round and shapely base for your hourglass curves. Dr. Stanton reigns supreme when it comes to butt augmentation in Beverly Hills. He’s earned his title as “Butt King®” through countless dramatic backside transformations. Dr. Stanton uses his patented Stanton Anatomic® Buttocks Implant for most of his butt augmentation procedures.

Shape your curves from side to side. Hip augmentation rounds out hip dips and balances your hourglass shape. Few surgeons in Los Angeles perform hip augmentation as regularly as Dr. Stanton, and it shows in his results. Dr. Stanton’s hip augmentation patients enjoy hips that are red carpet ready and look as good in jeans as they do in an evening gown.

Labiaplasty enhances the delicate feminine tissues of the labia by removing excess tissue. Whether you desire increased symmetry or repair to post-pregnancy changes to your genitalia, labiaplasty can help you feel more comfortable and confident. Labiaplasty can also address rubbing, chaffing, and discomfort during exercise and sexual intercourse by resizing the labia minora to more comfortably fit within the labia majora.

When pregnancy and weight gain change the shape of your abdomen, a tummy tuck with Dr. Stanton can change things back. This procedure removes fat and excess skin and tightens abdominal muscles to restore a flat, tight abdominal appearance. A tummy tuck can do what diet and exercise cannot by addressing loose skin after pregnancy and weight loss.

If you have difficult areas of stubborn fat that won’t budge, turn to liposuction and create your desired contours. Liposuction removes unwanted fat cells to enhance the body’s shape and create enviable curves. While diet and exercise only shrink fat cells, liposuction removes them. Results from liposuction are long-lasting and targeted to your body shape and goals.

Rewrite the definition of “mom bod” with a mommy makeover. By combining procedures like a tummy tuck, breast surgery, and labiaplasty, a mommy makeover brings your body back into pre-baby shape. A mommy makeover is customized to your body’s specific complaints and addresses concerns like loose abdominal skin, saggy breasts, and feminine changes after childbirth.

Give your backside a much-needed tone-up. Like a tummy tuck for the rear, a butt tuck removes excess skin from the lower buttocks and upper thigh to redefine creases and shape. This procedure is ideal for patients that have experienced significant weight fluctuations or that have lengthened buttocks as part of the aging process. This procedure restores youthful body proportions and helps women (and men) to feel confident in their body shape again).

Are your elbows in hiding? Many women wear long sleeve shirts to hide the loose skin on their elbows as they wonder why their favorite celebrities don’t seem to struggle with this unwanted skin. The answer isn’t always good genetics. Many stars turn to Dr. Stanton for an elbow tuck, a procedure that removes this skin and enhances the appearance of the arm. With a celebrity elbow tuck, you’ll be able to show off your arms and walk the red carpet, feeling confident that your arms are ready for the camera.