Butt Implant Revision

Beverly Hills Butt Implant Revision with the Butt King®

Have your Brazilian butt lift results fallen flat? Fat grafting looks great initially, but often it doesn’t last. Within a year or two, the body resorbs the implanted fat and the added fullness begins to deflate. Butt implants offer dramatic volume that lasts but can be very difficult to place correctly if your surgeon isn’t experienced using them. When BBL or butt implant results disappoint, turn to Dr. Ryan Stanton. Known as the “Butt King®,” Dr. Stanton is the go-to plastic surgeon for butt implant revision in Beverly Hills, CA.

Needing revision surgery is stressful, but with Dr. Stanton as your surgeon, you can release your worry. He specializes in cosmetic implants for the butt, breast, and body. His expertise allows him to reverse and correct implant complications, achieving the results you were hoping for the first time around. When you need a butt redo, call (310) 278-0077 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stanton.

Butt Implants Are Difficult to Place

Butt implants are notoriously difficult to place. The buttocks area is a high movement zone. Implants must be carefully placed to withstand the daily pressures of bending, squatting, and sitting. Surgeons that aren’t experienced in butt implant placement may not have the needed expertise to position implants so they can withstand these forces.

  • Hundreds of Successful Butt Implant Procedures – Butts are our specialty. Dr. Stanton performs more butt implant procedures in a year than many plastic surgeons do in their entire career.
  • More than 18 Years of Experience- Dr. Stanton has been perfecting the art of buttocks enhancement for more than 18 years. He has performed more than 800 butt implant procedures.
  • Patented Implant Design- Dr. Stanton uses a specialized implant that he created himself called the Stanton Anatomic® buttocks implant. This patented implant is manufactured at an FDA-monitored facility using the best materials available. Its unique shape allows Dr. Stanton to add natural-looking volume and shape to the buttocks.
  • Specialized Technique- Dr. Stanton uses a self-developed technique to improve outcomes after butt enhancement. This advanced technique was carefully developed over years of experience.
  • Precise Placement- Dr. Stanton is meticulous about implant placement. He knows exactly where and how to position your implants to minimize complications and enhance results.

Butt implants are one of the most effective options for creating a dramatic enhancement to your derriere, but most plastic surgeons lack the experience and expertise needed for a successful procedure. Dr. Stanton specializes in implants and can successfully overcome many of the challenges and complications of buttocks implants. If you’re unhappy with the results of a previous butt enhancement procedure, come in for a consultation with the Butt King® of Beverly Hills.

If you’re considering a first-time butt augmentation procedure, choose Dr. Stanton and reduce your chances of requiring butt implant revision.

Reasons for Butt Implant Revision

If you’re unhappy with the results of a previous buttocks enhancement procedure, you may benefit from revision surgery with Dr. Stanton. Common reasons for considering buttocks revision include:

  • Implant shifting or malposition
  • Infection
  • Capsular contracture
  • Implant rippling
  • Body changes after implant surgery including weight gain or weight loss
  • Fluid collection around the implant (seroma)
  • Uneven or asymmetrical results

Revision surgery can be more complex than a first-time surgery. Choosing a highly experienced surgeon is critical in overcoming these challenges. 

What Happens During Butt Implant Revision with Dr. Stanton?

Why are you considering buttocks revision? This procedure is performed for many reasons, and the reasons for surgery will influence the surgical plan.

  • Change Implant Placement- Placing a buttocks implant over the muscle can lead to visibility. As fat stores shift and change, the implant may become more visible. Some patients also develop rippling. Dr. Stanton removes the implant from over the buttocks muscle and repositions it under the muscle for better support and camouflage.
  • Remove Implant Capsule- Capsular contracture is a condition that occurs when the implant pocket tightens, constricting the implant and leading to discomfort and distortion. Dr. Stanton can address capsular contracture by removing or releasing the implant’s pocket and replacing the implant.
  • Replace Implant- Dr. Stanton achieves his world-renowned butt augmentation results using a patented implant he personally designed. He may recommend removing your previous implants and replacing them with the Stanton Anatomic® implant.
  • Enhance your results- If you are unhappy with the look of a previous surgery, such as fat grafting that may not be as dramatic as you want, Dr. Stanton can create a customized plan to give you the outcomes you are seeking.

Typically, butt revision surgery is performed under general anesthesia at our on-site ambulatory surgical center.

Recovery After Butt Revision

Plan on missing about two weeks of work and minimizing strenuous physical activity for six to eight weeks after surgery. Dr. Stanton will provide information on caring for your incisions and managing discomfort after surgery.

We’ll provide detailed information about post-surgery care and are available to you throughout your recovery if you have questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions: Butt Revision in Beverly Hills

For butt surgeries, incisions are typically placed in the midline, the crack that separates the two buttock cheeks. This location hides incisions and scars very well. As needed, incisions may also be placed along the curve where the buttocks meet the upper thigh. Most patients will have no visible scarring on the buttocks after their procedure.

Revision surgery is highly customized, tailored to each patient’s specific needs. Most of the time, implants can be removed and replaced in the same procedure, but there are times when a two-step process is more effective. Dr. Stanton will help you understand the best approach for your butt revision procedure.

The Brazilian butt lift is one of the most popular options for buttocks enhancement, but popularity can be deceiving. A BBL cannot achieve the same results as butt implants. For many patients, implants will provide superior lift and shape. Implants last longer than implanted fat and produce a more consistent and predictable result.

Your implants will need time to heal before they are ready for sitting forces. We ask patients to minimize sitting during early recovery. Dr. Stanton will provide complete recovery instructions as you prepare for your procedure.

Butt implants provide long-lasting results. Dr. Stanton has many patients that are still enjoying their full and shapely backside a decade or longer after their initial implant placement. Revision patients can enjoy these same long-lasting results.

Disappointing results from a previous buttocks enhancement can be corrected. Contact Dr. Ryan Stanton to explore your options for butt implant revision in Beverly Hills, CA.