Bicep Implants

Bicep Implants in Beverly Hills, CA

Pumping iron is an excellent part of a healthy lifestyle, but it isn’t the only way to get swole. Bicep implants can add bulk and definition to your arms, even if you aren’t getting the desired results at the gym.

Dr. Ryan Stanton is an aesthetic plastic surgeon who specializes in body implants, including bicep implants. Dr. Stanton has worked with countless men and women from the Los Angeles area and worldwide, using his in-depth understanding of human anatomy to create natural-looking muscle perfection. Many of our patients travel great distances for the opportunity to work with a world-renowned surgeon that specializes in the bicep, tricep, and other implants.

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Who Gets Bicep Implants?

Dr. Stanton is the area’s foremost expert on body implants and frequently meets with potential patients at his Beverly Hills office. What type of patient chooses bicep implant surgery?

  • Bodybuilders
  • Patients with congenital disabilities that create asymmetry
  • Patients with trauma and deformity from a muscle injury

While these three groups make up a significant portion of our bicep implant patients, this procedure is also popular amongst regular men and women. If you’ve tried to tone your arms, but can’t achieve your desired definition, this procedure may be a good fit for you. 

When do you need bicep implants?

Biceps implants are made to help you acquire more muscle mass on your arm. So if you desire to acquire bigger and more defined muscles in your upper arms and to improve the general appearance of your entire body, then you should consider bicep implant.

Before going for a bicep implant, you should be in a good state of health of mind and body. You should also talk to your Beverly Hills plastic surgeon about your goals and expectations so that the surgeon can properly advise you and tell you whether you are fit for it or not.

Bicep Implants- What You Need to Know

During biceps augmentation surgery, Dr. Stanton will insert your bicep implants into the upper arm through a small incision in the armpit (axilla), which is typically three to four centimeters long. He will then create a pocket in the submuscular plane of the bicep muscle to hold the implant. Our team will then install a soft, silicone implant into the pocket and close your incision.

Dr. Stanton uses special implants that are custom molded to each patient. A customized fit ensures that your implants will look natural. A typical surgical procedure takes between one and two hours. Your surgery will take place at our on-site ambulatory surgery center. Dr. Stanton limits the number of surgeries he schedules each day (often to just two or three) to ensure he is at his best each time he steps into the operating room.

What are the risks involved?

Like with every surgery, there are risks involved in biceps implant, even though it is very minimal. There is a possibility of implant displacement. This happens when the bicep muscles fails to keep the implant in place. Though this is very rare, you should always heed the post-surgery instructions of your Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to ensure it does not happen to you.

Who should perform the surgery?

You should be careful about the Beverly Hill plastic surgeon you choose for your bicep implant. You should ensure they are highly experienced and have been performing such implants in the past. This will help you lower the risks that could occur during the surgery. You can find a good Beverly Hill plastic surgeon here.

Always ensure that you follow the instructions of your surgeon to the later. That way, you will enjoy the great look that comes with a successful bicep implants.

Recovery After Bicep Implants

Bicep implants are an outpatient procedure. Patients come in for surgery and return home the same day. Your arms will be wrapped in compression bandages, which will help reduce fluid accumulation after surgery. Bandages will also prevent the seroma formation, a fluid pocket under the skin.

For the first few days, patients need to limit arm movement and avoid heavy lifting. After one to two weeks, patients can resume gentle movement. We’ll teach you a few exercises and may recommend physical therapy to help revive your full range of motion. You can typically be resume more strenuous exercise within six weeks of surgery.

Swelling commonly occurs after implant surgery, but using compression can significantly reduce it.

Dr. Stanton will provide recovery instructions and is available at any time to answer questions or concerns. 

Why Should I Choose Dr. Stanton for My Bicep Implants?

Surgical implants are one of the most effective ways to add volume and enhance the body’s shape. Implants are widespread, but they can be challenging to get right. Choosing a surgeon that has significant experience placing implants can dramatically improve the outcome of your procedure.

Dr. Stanton is a board-certified plastic surgeon that performs implant-based surgical procedures frequently. He’s best known for his buttocks and hip augmentation results but also places implants in other areas of the body, including the pectoral muscles and the calves. Dr. Stanton has designed and patented a unique type of buttocks implant called the Stanton Anatomic®️ Buttocks Implant.

bicep implant infographic

With unparalleled experience and a passion for excellence, Dr. Stanton is highly sought after by patients in the LA area and from around the world. You can’t control how your muscles grow or develop, but you are in control of the appearance of your arms. If you desire more upper arm definition, contact Dr. Ryan Stanton and ask about bicep implants today!

FAQs About Beverly Hills Bicep Implants

Bicep implants are a complement to your efforts at the gym, not a substitute for them. Many of our patients are bodybuilders and others that place a premium on physical activity. You’ll need to temporarily skip the gym while you recover from your surgery, but once you’re healed, you can lift weights and participate in strenuous activities without restriction.

When a skilled plastic surgeon places high-quality implants, the results can last for many years. Your implants will continue enhancing the appearance of your arms until you decide to have them removed, sometimes decades after your initial procedure.

If you’re considering body implants, schedule a consultation with Dr. Stanton. A plastic surgeon will review your medical history and lifestyle to help you decide if the procedure is a good fit for you.

Size matters, but bigger isn’t always better. When you want a dramatic change, it’s tempting to choose the largest available implant, but this can lead to results that appear unnatural or out of balance. Dr. Stanton will help you choose implants that complement your natural anatomy and muscle tone. These implants will be specially shaped during surgery. Most patients gain approximately one inch in arm circumference after surgery. We can pair your bicep surgery with tricep implants for a more dramatic result if desired.

Different patients have different needs, and some procedures are more complex than others. Dr. Stanton can provide a personalized estimate of your costs after meeting with you at a consultation.

Who says women can’t have toned and defined arms? While most of our bicep implant patients are men, women commonly request this procedure too. Dr. Stanton works with both men and women and knows how to customize the procedure for both genders to ensure great results.