Bicep Implants


In the recent years, there has been so much buzz around body building, with many men trying to achieve that muscular look of a boxer or an athlete. While many people build these muscles by exercising, some are not able to achieve it no matter how hard they try and that is where bicep implant comes in.

Bicep implants is good for individuals who wants to have a big toned muscle, but are genetically limited to develop the type of muscle mass they want no matter the diet or exercise they engage in. People, who also lost their muscle due to an accident or injury, find bicep implants very helpful.

The material used in biceps implant is silicone which is designed to look exactly like the natural muscles. Researches about the safety of using silicone in biceps implant has returned nil, as none has indicted silicone of being harmful to the body.

When do you need bicep implants?

Biceps implants are made to help you acquire more muscle mass on your arm. So if you desire to acquire bigger and more defined muscles in your upper arms and to improve the general appearance of your entire body, then you should consider bicep implant.

Before going for a bicep implant, you should be in a good state of health of mind and body. You should also talk to your Beverly Hills plastic surgeon about your goals and expectations so that the surgeon can properly advise you and tell you whether you are fit for it or not.

How are bicep implants done?

Before a bicep implant is made, the patient is first given an anesthesia so they won’t feel pain during the surgery. Then the surgeon will make an extremely small incision on the skin of the upper arm. This is followed by the insertion of the implant beneath the biceps muscle in such a way that the actual biceps muscle rests on the implant. This is done to ensure that the physical attributes of the real muscle is what is shown through the skin, preventing people from noticing that there was an implant.

It takes between one to two hours for the surgery to be performed and you will notice the effect of the bicep implant as soon as the surgery is completed. The patient will need to rest for about one month after the surgery before he can resume normal activity.

What are the risks involved?

Like with every surgery, there are risks involved in biceps implant, even though it is very minimal. There is a possibility of implant displacement. This happens when the bicep muscles fails to keep the implant in place. Though this is very rare, you should always heed the post-surgery instructions of your Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to ensure it does not happen to you.

Who should perform the surgery?

You should be careful about the Beverly Hill plastic surgeon you choose for your bicep implant. You should ensure they are highly experienced and have been performing such implants in the past. This will help you lower the risks that could occur during the surgery. You can find a good Beverly Hill plastic surgeon here.

Always ensure that you follow the instructions of your surgeon to the later. That way, you will enjoy the great look that comes with a successful bicep implants.

bicep implant infographic