Breast Revision

Breast Revision in Beverly Hills with Dr. Ryan Stanton

When it’s time to make a change to breast implants, patients often turn to breast revision surgery. While breast implants are long-lasting, they don’t always last forever. Revision surgery replaces breast implants with new ones or improves on the results of a previous breast surgery.

Dr. Ryan Stanton, a board-certified plastic surgeon, specializes in breast, face, and body procedures. He has helped countless women in the greater Los Angeles area to look great and feel confident in their breast appearance. If you’re considering breast revision surgery in Beverly Hills, call us at (310) 278-0077 to schedule a consultation.

Reasons for Breast Revision Surgery

There are many reasons to choose revision surgery for your breasts including:

  • Capsular contracture- A tightening of the scar tissue capsule around the implant
  • Breast size change- Desire for breasts that are bigger or smaller
  • Unhappy with your aesthetic results from a previous breast surgery- Rippling, implant shifting, etc.
  • Breast drooping or sagging- Common after pregnancy, aging, or weight loss
  • Change of implant type- Saline to silicone or silicone to saline
  • Asymmetry- Variation in the shape, position, or size of the two breasts
  • Rupture or leakage

If you’re experiencing any of these issues or are otherwise unsatisfied with your breasts after breast augmentation, contact Dr. Stanton for a consultation.

What Happens During Breast Revision?

Because there are many reasons for breast revision surgery, there are many ways this procedure can be performed. Dr. Stanton is passionate about creating stunning aesthetic results for each patient, which means customizing each procedure. He’ll create a personalized surgical plan to ensure your surgery will create the best results possible for your unique situation.

Although each procedure is customized, most breast revision procedures follow the same basic steps.

We perform breast revision surgery under either local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. Dr. Stanton will explain which option he recommends for you, and why, when you consult with him in person.

We carefully place incisions to minimize scarring and provide access to the breasts. Where we will place your incisions will depend on the reason for your breast revision surgery and the location of your previous breast surgery incisions.

Removing and replacing the breast implant is one of the most critical parts of a breast revision procedure. Some patients will require the removal of their breast implant capsule, the thin layer of tissue that surrounds the implant. We can remove the capsule intact with the breast implant inside, called an en bloc removal, or separately after we remove the implant. We may also make revisions to the breast tissue to improve its shape.

Some women pair their revision with a breast lift or breast reduction. If you choose one of these additional breast procedures, we will perform it at the same time as your implant removal and replacement.


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Recovery: What to Expect

When you come in for breast augmentation revision, you’ve already had breast surgery once. If you can remember your initial breast augmentation, you’ve got a good idea of what to expect during recovery. Our patients tell us that revision surgery recovery is very similar to recovery after an initial breast augmentation, but usually is a little shorter and more comfortable.

You’ll need someone to drive you home after your surgery. We recommend choosing a responsible adult friend or family member. If you don’t have anyone available to help take care of you, we can help arrange for a stay in a recovery center or set up a home nurse to care for you post-surgery.

You will feel tender for the first few days and will likely have some bruising and swelling. Dr. Stanton will teach you how to use over the counter and prescription pain medications to increase comfort.

Recovery happens quickly. After the first few days, you’ll be able to do many daily activities. Each day, you’ll feel better and better as you return to your regular schedule. Wait six to eight weeks before resuming strenuous activities or heavy lifting.

We’ll meet with you throughout recovery. During post-op visits, we’ll assess your healing and answer questions. We are also available over the phone as questions or concerns arise.

FAQs Breast Revision in Beverly Hills

Whenever possible, Dr. Stanton will create new incisions along the same lines as your previous breast surgery incisions. Following the same incision lines reduces scarring. Sometimes new incision locations are needed. These new incisions are carefully placed to hide any scars that may occur. Dr. Stanton believes that his ability to expertly mark his incisions, along with his precise surgical hands, sets him apart from others in this regard. Typical locations for breast revision incisions include in the underarm, under the breast in the inframammary fold, and around the areola. If a lift is needed, a vertical incision may be created down the middle of the lower breast.

Breast implants can be replaced as needed, not on a specific timeline. If your implants are having problems, they need to be replaced, whether it has been five years or fifteen. If they are doing fine and being monitored by your doctor, they can remain in the breasts for decades.

Patients typically miss about a week of work for breast revision surgery. Dr. Stanton will talk with you about recovery and help you decide how much time you’ll need. Some patients working light-duty or part-time positions may be ready to return to work sooner, while those with strenuous jobs may require additional time for recovery.

If you’re considering breast revision surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Stanton to determine if you’re a good candidate. The best candidates for surgery are in good health. They want to change their breast implants to improve their results. If you’re considering plastic surgery, you should not smoke as this can slow healing and increase complications.

We often perform breast revision surgery on both breasts to maintain symmetry, but it isn’t always necessary. Some problems can be corrected with surgery on one breast alone. Dr. Stanton can tell you what to expect from your procedure during your consultation.

Do your implants need an exchange? Learn about breast revision in Beverly Hills by contacting Dr. Ryan Stanton.