Hip Augmentation Revision

Beverly Hills Hip Augmentation Revision with Dr. Ryan Stanton

Are you stuck on a detour on the journey to hourglass curves? A tiny waist with a full bust and curvy hips is one of the most desired body shapes, and also one of the rarest. Many women turn to plastic surgery to enhance their natural curves and achieve their desired shape. Unfortunately, many surgeons offering hip augmentation lack the expertise needed to create long-lasting and dramatic transformations.

Hip augmentation can produce stunning results, but the procedure is very complex. Balancing hip to waist ratio, building volume, and smoothing out hip dips requires extensive experience. While many surgeons specialize in breast and facial surgeries, far fewer focus on buttocks and hip surgeries. Many surgeons now offer these procedures, but without the needed experience, their results may fall short of your expectations.

Dr. Ryan Stanton is famous for his hip augmentation results. Known as “The Butt King®,” he specializes in creating hourglass curves for women across the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area. If you’ve received disappointing hip augmentation results elsewhere, Dr. Stanton can set things right. Contact our office by calling (310) 278-0077 to schedule a hip augmentation revision consultation.

When Results Fall Short: How Dr. Stanton Can Improve Your Hip Augmentation Results

Women in Beverly Hills know Dr. Stanton is one to call when they need hip augmentation revision. As one of the most prominent hip and buttocks augmentation specialists in the area, our office regularly works with women who are unsatisfied with the results of previous augmentation procedures.

Dr. Stanton can address many common complaints after hip augmentation surgery, including:

  • Fat Transfer Results that Didn’t Last – Fat transfer looks great initially, but within a few months, the volume starts to fade. The solution to this problem is to use hip implants. Many fat transfer patients that have experienced volume loss after their initial surgery choose implants to provide volume and shape to the hip area.
  • Inconsistent Results – Fat transfer often produces inconsistent results. As your body heals, it reabsorbs fat, and often not evenly. Many surgeons use more fat than necessary to account for fat loss during healing, but this may not be enough to offset the losses. Additionally, one area may lose more fat than another. Liposuction or additional fat grafting may be needed to even out fat levels. Implants may be recommended to create a more consistent and predictable shape.
  • Not Big Enough – Dramatic results are hard to achieve through hip augmentation, though many women highly desire them. You may be disappointed that the Kardashian hips you were trying to achieve look more like the girl next door. Hip implants are one of the most effective ways to safely and reliably achieve these dramatic results.
  • Not Enough Fat – Fat transfer requires fat. Many of the toned and lean women that desire hip augmentation don’t have enough natural fat for a successful procedure. Some surgeons recommend gaining weight before surgery, but as soon as their patients start working out after surgery, that fat quickly fades away. Dr. Stanton has helped many women with minimal body fat to achieve their desired hip augmentation results using the right implants.
  • Still Have Hip Dips – If you’ve still got hip dips after hip augmentation, come see Dr. Stanton. Revision surgery using an implant can remove the dips and create highly desirable curves.

Whatever your reasons are, if you want to improve upon your previous hip augmentation surgery, schedule a consultation with Los Angeles’ cosmetic hip surgery expert, Dr. Stanton.


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What to Expect from Hip Augmentation Revision Surgery

The first question you need to ask yourself is: “why am I considering revision surgery?” Your reasons for having the procedure and the type of surgery that was originally performed will determine your surgical plan.

Dr. Stanton often uses hip implants as part of his revision procedures. Hip implants allow him to achieve the desired volume and shape of the hip area without the inconsistency of fat transfer. To place hip implants, Dr. Stanton makes a small incision along the bikini line. An implant is placed under the skin, fat, and fascia and secured into position.

Dr. Stanton may use other techniques in revision surgery, including liposuction and fat transfer. He can provide specific information about the methods he’ll use during your surgery at your consultation.

Recovery After Your Hip Augmentation Revision Surgery

Full recovery from hip augmentation revision typically takes six to eight weeks, but you’ll be back to work and life much sooner. Patients usually return to work about a week after surgery.

Patients can walk and sit immediately after the procedure, but they should avoid lying on their side. We also ask patients to refrain from using hot tubs, pools, and bathtubs for three weeks. They can also resume strenuous lower body exercises after six weeks.


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Your Hip Augmentation Revision Journey with Dr. Stanton

Few surgeons in the Beverly Hills area have the hip augmentation experience and expertise as world-renowned Dr. Stanton. Contact Dr. Ryan Stanton at (310) 278-0077 to learn more about how he can help you achieve the results you’ve been waiting for.

FAQs Hip Augmentation Revision in Beverly Hills

Dr. Stanton uses a semi-solid silicone implant for hip augmentation. This implant feels similar to natural muscle when placed inside of the body. Our patients tell us that their hip implants look and feel very natural.

We will provide a personalized estimate for your revision surgery during your consultation with Dr. Stanton. Pricing for this procedure varies, and your specific cost will depend on the complexity of your surgery and the desired results.

Hip augmentation revision is typically an outpatient procedure. Our patients generally return home the same day to recover comfortably at home.

Achieving your desired results requires extensive communication. Dr. Stanton will talk with you about what went wrong with your previous surgery to pinpoint the areas that need additional enhancement. You’ll also receive an in-depth examination of the area, so that Dr. Stanton can determine the best ways to create your desired results. Our consultations are in-depth and extensive, so plan on spending a few hours with us.

Revision surgery may require a few new incisions near the hip area, depending on the techniques used for your procedure. Dr. Stanton carefully places incisions to minimize their visibility. For hip implants, Dr. Stanton will typically make incisions along the bikini line, near the hips. As your incisions heal, your scars should fade, becoming barely visible for most patients.