Celebrity Elbow Tuck

Celebrity Elbow Tuck in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills, CA

Many women are bothered by the loose wrinkly skin on the backs of their elbows. Most often these same women are embarrassed to wear short sleeve shirts or dresses particularly in formal settings. The Celebrity Elbow Tuck addresses this exact problem – unveiling another secret of the “stars”.

This procedure is conveniently and relatively safely done under just local anesthesia. A moon-like crescent of (loose wrinkly) skin is removed just above the tip of the elbow. The incision is planned such that the resultant scar is concealed within one of the natural elbow creases. The scar fades six or so weeks to eventually become imperceptible.

Because bending at the elbow is limited to four to six weeks, it is typically recommended that one side be done at a time. After this timeframe, full flexion and extension of the elbow are unrestricted.

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