Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles California

Dr. Ryan Stanton is famous throughout Los Angeles for creating hourglass curves on countless women. While his signature butt and hip augmentation procedures are our most popular surgical treatments, they constitute only half of the sought-after hourglass figure. In addition to a trim waist and full, rounded buttocks, shapely breasts play a big part in the sensuous figure, and many women seek breast augmentation to achieve it. 

Dr. Stanton takes pride in creating natural, proportional results. We like to say, “If you can tell a woman has breast implants, she didn’t get them from Dr. Stanton.” Our breast augmentation procedures create naturally contoured and thus natural-looking breast enhancement, results that women from across the nation come to California to achieve.

This guide helps you understand what’s involved in breast implant surgery. To get your specific questions answered, do not hesitate to call our office at (310) 278-0077 or fill out our online form. We’re happy to provide the insights you need.

How Breast Augmentation Enhances Breast Appearance

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular surgical cosmetic treatments in the United States. Every year more than 300,000 breast augmentation procedures are performed in the U.S. Breast augmentation increases breast size and enhances their shape by positioning an implant into the breast. This implant adds volume, and can increase upper pole fullness, rounding out the top of the breast.

Breast augmentation can enhance breast appearance in several ways. It is used to increase naturally small breasts to a fuller, larger cup size. Implants are also used to correct asymmetry. All women have some variation between the two breasts, but implants can even out noticeable asymmetry that either occurs naturally or appears after breast-feeding or weight loss.

This procedure offers a permanent, long-lasting result. As long as the implant remains in the breast, it will continue to increase your breast size. Modern breast implants are strong, durable, and long-lasting. Many of our patients enjoy their implants for a decades before replacement is needed.

Types of Breast Implants

We offer both saline breast implants and silicone breast implants to our breast augmentation patients. Dr. Stanton typically recommends silicone gel implants because of their more natural look and feel. Saline implants offer some benefits too. The implants themselves are more affordable, typically costing about half as much as a silicone implant. This type of breast implant may be ideal for younger patients as it can help to expand the breast tissues. Saline implants also can be placed through the belly button for a scar-free procedure.

Saline has these benefits, but in most cases, Dr. Stanton finds that silicone is the far superior choice. It is the implant he would recommend for any female family member considering breast surgery.

Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Lift- Which Do I Need?

When women are unhappy with their breast size and shape, breast augmentation with implants come to mind first. Don’t cling exclusively to the implant when other surgical options may bring the desired results. 

Women with sagging breasts, also called ptosis, may need a lift, with or without breast implants, to achieve their best breast shape.

How do you know if you need a breast lift? A consultation with Dr. Stanton, a board-certified plastic surgeon, is the best way to determine which cosmetic procedures you’ll benefit from. While you wait for your appointment with Dr. Stanton, a quick comparison of your nipple in relation to the inframammary fold can give you a good estimation of whether you’ll need a lift. If the nipple is lower than the lower breast crease, you’ll likely need a breast lift. A lift restructures the breasts and creates better support and shape. A breast lift can be paired with breast augmentation to improve both breast size and shape.

If a lift is needed, but not performed, you won’t achieve the desired results from your breast augmentation. Breast implants alone provide minimal tissue lifting, raising the breasts about a centimeter, a negligible amount. Since there is insufficient breast tissue support within the breast, the breasts may be unable to support the weight of the implant and they may drop dramatically a few months after the procedure. If you need a breast lift, we recommend receiving it at the same time as your breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation After Pregnancy

Pregnancy impacts the breasts, abdomen, and vaginal areas most. Post-pregnancy plastic surgery, a transformation we like to call the “Mommy Makeover,” commonly includes breast augmentation.

Many women will need a breast lift after pregnancy. The rapid expansion of the breasts and hormonal changes create a loss of firmness and loose stretched out skin. Many women experience a decrease in upper pole fullness, as their breast volume shifts to lower breast while the top portion becomes flatter, like a stretched-out balloon. Breast implants restore upper pole fullness, and when combined with a breast lift can recreate a rounded, perky breast after pregnancy.

Our mommy makeover may also include procedures like abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), labiaplasty, or liposuction.


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Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

If you’re unhappy with your breast appearance, you may benefit from breast augmentation or one of our other cosmetic breast surgeries. Dr. Stanton is one of the top “natural contour” breast surgeons in the Los Angeles area. We would love to talk with you about your options for cosmetic breast enhancement if:

A consultation with Dr. Stanton allows patients to learn about the breast augmentation procedure from a board-certified plastic surgeon with more than 18 years in private practice. Learn about the risks and benefits of breast surgery, explore your breast implant options, and receive personalized treatment options and advice. Schedule your consultation by contacting our office at (310) 278-0077 or fill out our online form today.

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Breast Augmentation Results

Patient satisfaction rates are very high for breast augmentation, both at our Los Angeles plastic surgery practice and around the country. A 2013 study found that 98% of women achieved results that met or exceeded expectations after their breast augmentation.

The key to getting results you’ll love is working with a highly skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon. Although Dr. Stanton is best known for his butt and hip augmentation results, he also performs many breast surgeries, delighting women with their new curves across Southern California and beyond. This procedure produces stunning results on its own or pairs beautifully with a buttocks and hip enhancement procedure to create those so highly desired feminine hourglass curves.

Learn more about your options for breast and body enhancement at a plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Stanton. Full, rounded breasts are a phone call away. Call 310-278-0077 and ask about breast augmentation surgery in Beverly Hills, CA. You can also schedule a consultation or ask a question via our online form.

FAQs for Breast Augmentation Los Angeles, CA

We have several options for incision placement with breast augmentation. Dr. Stanton will explain your options and help you find the best location for your incisions. An incision under the breast, in the fold where the breast meets the chest wall, is one of the most popular choices. This placement provides excellent access to the breast tissues for a superior cosmetic result while minimizing visible scarring. With this incision, any scarring will be hidden in the breast fold.

Breast augmentation is often paired with other cosmetic treatments, such as a mommy makeover. This post-pregnancy transformation combines breast surgery with a tummy tuck to reverse many post-pregnancy body changes. Patients with breast sagging can often benefit from adding a lift to their augmentation. Dr. Stanton can speak to you about all of your Beverly Hills breast augmentation options in your consultation.

You’ll be ready to hit the beach shortly after your breast surgery, usually within six weeks. It can take some additional time for the breast implants to settle into their final positioning, but you’ll look great in a swimsuit, nonetheless.

We ask our patients to avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for about six weeks after cosmetic breast surgery. You may be able to return to the gym before this, but avoid using weights or doing upper body exercises. Gentle walking on a treadmill is an excellent way to stay in shape as you heal.

Many women successfully breastfeed after breast augmentation. The breast implant is placed under the glandular, milk-producing tissue in the breast. Some incision types can make breastfeeding more difficult, so let Dr. Stanton know if you’re hoping to breastfeed in the future.

A consultation with Dr. Stanton is the best way to determine the cost of your breast augmentation. The type and size of implants you choose, the difficulty of your operation, and other factors can influence the price. We’ll provide a personalized estimate after we examine your breasts and talk about your goals for treatment.

Many studies have indicated women with implants are not at an increased risk for getting breast cancer. Also, implants do not delay the detection of breast cancer. Numerous studies and evidence from the National Cancer Institute reveal having implants doesn’t hinder the patient or their physician in locating breast tumors. Finally, breast implant patients who get breast cancer have the same chance of obtaining remission or cancer-free for five years as women with no implants.

Many women in their forties and fifties have undertaken breast augmentation surgery with excellent results. Whatever your age, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to map out the best plan to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Pregnancy will change the shape and size of your breasts whether you have implants or not. These changes may negatively affect the cosmetic improvement of any augmented breast. It is usually recommended that pregnancy be postponed for 6 months after the operation. Breastfeeding with implants is possible and is safe for mother and baby.

Women with sagging breasts may opt for breast implants. But if the nipples droop below the natural breast crease, a breast lift may be the better choice. The two operations are often combined, giving the patient the best size, shape, projection, and elevation possible.

Capsular contracture occurs when the scar tissue that naturally forms around the breast implant tightens and compresses the implant, leading to a hardening of the breast and often causing discomfort or changes in the breast’s appearance. Preventative measures include selecting the appropriate implant size and placement, using implants with a textured surface, and following a post-surgical massage regimen as recommended by Dr. Stanton. In cases where capsular contracture develops, revision surgery may be necessary to remove the scar tissue and replace the implant.

Revision surgery after breast augmentation is not uncommon and can be required for various reasons, such as addressing capsular contracture, implant malposition, or a desire to change the implant size. Dr. Stanton assesses each patient’s unique situation to determine the likelihood of needing revision surgery, aiming to minimize this risk through meticulous surgical planning and technique.

During the breast augmentation procedure, which typically lasts one to two hours, you will be under general anesthesia. Dr. Stanton will make incisions in predetermined locations based on your anatomy and the type of implant chosen. The implants can be placed either above or below the chest muscle, depending on your body type, desired outcome, and Dr. Stanton’s recommendations during your breast augmentation consultation. The goal is to enhance breast size and shape while maintaining a natural look and feel that complements your natural breast tissue.

Cosmetic breast surgery focuses on enhancing the appearance of the breasts to meet the patient’s aesthetic goals. It’s typically sought by patients who wish to increase their breast size, improve symmetry, or restore breast volume lost due to weight changes or pregnancy. Reconstructive breast surgery, on the other hand, aims to rebuild the breast shape and size after mastectomy or injury. Dr. Stanton specializes in cosmetic breast surgery, offering personalized care to achieve natural-looking results.

The cost of breast implants in Los Angeles can vary widely based on several factors, including the type of implant (silicone vs. saline), the complexity of the surgical procedure, surgeon’s fees, facility costs, and any additional treatments or procedures that may be combined with the augmentation. Dr. Stanton’s office provides detailed cost estimates during the consultation to ensure patients have a clear understanding of the investment involved in achieving their desired results.