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Hip Augmentation in Southern California

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The hourglass figure featuring a full bust, booty, and curvaceous hips with a slender waist has become the hot new style. Unfortunately, it is also rare, with only 8% of women naturally possessing these dramatic curves. Many women pursue buttock augmentation with buttock implants or Brazilian butt lift to achieve fuller, more rounded buttock projection. However, these procedures focus on the backside mostly and thus do little to change the hip shape and “hourglass” figure from the front.

Create your hourglass curves with hip augmentation in Southern California. Dr. Ryan Stanton is one of the very few plastic surgeons in the Los Angeles area with vast experience placing both cosmetic hip and buttocks implants.

If we’ve already piqued your curiosity, you can reach out to us via our contact form to get your specific questions addressed right away. The following information provides a solid baseline about hip augmentation in Los Angeles and Southern California. Also be sure to review Dr. Stanton’s gallery of hip augmentation before and after photos. 

The Trending Hip WIdening Surgery

Female bodies come in many shapes and sizes, and each is beautiful in its own way. For decades, fashion, photography, and art professionals have showcased the “waif” or athletic figure. With the influence of superstars Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Cardi B, however, men and women alike have begun appreciating a more curvaceous or “Rubenesque” figure. (Peter Paul Rubens, an 18th Century Flemish artist, gained fame for his paintings depicting sensuously shaped women.)

While all women’s bodies are beautiful, the hourglass figure may have an edge when it comes to sexual selection. Instinctively animals, humans included, are drawn to mates with bodies that indicate fertility. Wide hips and full breasts are evolutionary signals that a woman’s body is fertile, she can support a pregnancy and has the fat that fuels lactation as well. Some research has even shown that body shape is more influential on attraction than breast size or facial features.

If your body doesn’t mirror your goals for most sensuous shape, ask us about hip augmentation in Los Angeles, CA. Cosmetic hip implants can also fill in “hip dips,” the depressed indentations that form at the outer edge of the buttocks.


Like what you see?

View our gallery to see why Dr. Stanton has earned the name “The Butt King®” and is one of the most sought after plastic surgeons in Los Angeles and beyond.

Hip Widening: Hip Augmentation- Implants vs. Injections

Two options exist for cosmetic hip augmentation. One of the most commonly used in the United States is a technique called fat transfer. A surgeon extracts some of the body’s fat using liposuction. This fat is injected into the hip area to create more curves. Fat transfer is the exact method used for the highly popular Brazilian butt lift (aka “BBL”) procedure.

Fat injections are popular, but they often are not effective. There is a better way to achieve consistent, augmented, and long-lasting curves – with cosmetic hip implants.

Dr. Stanton recommends implants for hip augmentation. Hip implants are made of silicone, like breast implants, but soft, semi-solid silicone, not filled with a liquid or gel solution. The implants we use are made to look and feel similar to natural muscle tissue, especially after they are in place inside the body.

Hip implants are inserted through a small underwear line incision and positioned under the skin, fat, and tough fascia layers. Dr. Stanton can show you a hip implant during your consultation. They are somewhat small relative to buttock implants but make a dramatic difference in body shape when custom designed for each patient.

Why Butt and Hip Implants Are Better than Injections

Dr. Stanton almost exclusively uses implants for hip and buttocks enhancement. He finds that this method is superior to fat transfer techniques. Our patients seem to agree. After hundreds of flawless butt and hip enhancement procedures, our patients began calling Dr. Stanton, “The Butt King®.”

Why are hip implants a better choice than fat injections for many patients?

Fat transfer results look great during the first 3 to 4 months but fade quickly thereafter. On the other hand, cosmetic hip implants offer permanent shape enhancement.

Unfortunately, the majority of fat tends to melt away following BBL surgery. To compensate, many surgeons use more fat than needed, to hopefully offset this fat loss; however this measure often backfires and just leads to even a higher percentage of fat loss and no net gain. Implants allow for much more control, allowing your surgeon to create the exact contour desired. Additionally, implants don’t change size or shape with weight fluctuations, as fat cells do.

Many hip augmentation and Brazilian butt lift patients are naturally thin, often with high metabolic rates. Because of their lean figures, these patients don’t achieve good results from fat injections. It is hard to find sufficient fat for extraction, and the transferred fat often gets quickly absorbed by the body. Implants don’t require excess fat or a specific body shape. Long story short, cosmetic hip implants work consistently better on more patients than fat transfer techniques.

Beware of any surgeon encouraging you to gain weight for BBL surgery.  What they do not tell you is, as you lose weight back down to your baseline after surgery, so goes your entire butt and/or hip fat that was transferred there too. In other words, this is guaranteed to produce a very disappointing result so please do not fall victim to this bad recommendation.

Using implants alleviates many of the safety risks associated with fat transfer procedures like the Brazilian butt lift, which has become known as the most deadly cosmetic surgical procedure performed nowadays. Approximately 1 out of every 3000 patients dies from BBL surgery.

Transgender Hip Augmentation

The waist to hip ratio is typically more pronounced in women than men. We offer hip and buttocks augmentation to many male-to-female (aka MTF) transgender patients that want to enhance their curves and create a more feminine hourglass silhouette.

What to Expect from a Hip Augmentation Consultation with Dr. Stanton

Come to your consultation ready to learn about hip augmentation and open to new ideas. Many of our patients research their intended procedure in advance of their consultation. This preparation helps you grasp basic information, but remember, the internet does not know all. When it comes to medicine and surgery, patients should use online resources to stimulate thought and develop questions, not as absolute truth. Dr. Stanton has more than 18 years of experience perfecting his butt augmentation technique and is one of the top surgeons in West Los Angeles, if not throughout the entire USA, for cosmetic hip augmentation. His knowledge and expertise on this surgical topic far surpass the resources you’ll find in an internet search.

Hip Augmentation Recovery- What to Expect

For many of our patients, their hip widening consultation with Dr. Stanton was the first time they felt heard by a doctor. A typical visit with a doctor or plastic surgeon often feels rushed. The surgeon pops in, asks a few questions, and tells you the next steps. There is no time for dialog or discussion. You may be asked if you have questions, but usually by the time this comes up, the doctor has one foot already out the door.

Our consultations are different.

Dr. Stanton gives each patient all the time they need to understand the hip augmentation procedure and to engage in a productive and informative dialog with their surgeon. He addresses questions and concerns readily. Sometimes, due to the extensive time invested in our consultations, Dr. Stanton does run slightly behind schedule. Rest assured that he’ll be with you shortly and will give you the same undivided attention and quality time. You won’t feel rushed or pressured during your hip augmentation consultation with us.


It takes about 6-8 weeks to recover fully from hip augmentation. That being said, most patients can return to most jobs after only one week.  Patients are able to walk and sit immediately after surgery but restricted from laying/sleeping on their sides for three weeks.  Showering is okay after 48 hours but immersing the area in a bathtub, swimming/pool, or Jacuzzi is not allowed until three weeks after surgery. Upper body exercises are allowed after two weeks and lower body exercises after six weeks. We will give detailed information about post-op instructions and activity restrictions after hip augmentation as we prepare you closer to surgery.

For comparison, recovery after hip implants is usually easier and significantly less painful than recovery after buttocks augmentation with implants.

Like any surgery, tenderness and swelling are common, especially during the first two weeks. However, bruising is usually quite mild. Dr. Stanton will provide various pain,  anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, and antibiotic medications as necessary.

Learn more about hip augmentation in Los Angeles, CA by contacting our office for a consultation or calling us directly at (310) 278-0077. We look forward to hearing about your goals!

FAQs About Hip Implants & Hip Dip surgery

Questions are always welcome! If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to call our offices or come in for a consultation.

Hip augmentation produces outstanding results as a solo procedure, but many of our patients choose other cosmetic procedures to make those beautiful results even better. Breast augmentation and butt implants are popular options. When paired with hip implants, breast and butt augmentation can create an hourglass figure, one of the most desirable body shapes.

Dr. Stanton carefully places incisions to minimize scarring. Incisions for hip augmentation are placed along the underwear line. These discreet incisions aren’t visible when wearing most underwear or bikini bottoms. The small scars that do occur will be most noticeable in the first year after surgery. After the incisions fade, most patients find their scars are imperceptible.

The cost of hip augmentation will depend on factors like difficulty, the size and type of implants used, and any complementary procedures selected. Dr. Stanton will provide a quote for your procedure during your consultation.

Some discomfort is expected after a surgical procedure, but Dr. Stanton’s advanced techniques and comprehensive recovery protocols help to minimize post-surgical discomfort. Dr. Stanton will prescribe pain medications as necessary and advise about using over-the-counter medications to alleviate discomfort as you heal.

Unlike butt augmentation, hip widening surgery has no restrictions on sitting during recovery. You’ll be able to sit normally after your procedure.

An expert in butt and hip implants, Dr. Stanton is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons for hip augmentation in Los Angeles. He often works with patients from around the state, country, and world. 

The longevity of hip augmentation results depends largely on the type of procedure. Surgical methods, such as hip implants, can offer long-lasting results, potentially lasting for many years or even decades. Non-surgical methods like fat injections might require touch-ups or additional treatments every few years. The body’s natural aging process can also affect the longevity of hip augmentation results. 

The degree to which hip implants feel natural can vary. Modern implants are designed to mimic the feel of natural body tissue as closely as possible, and skilled surgeons like Dr. Stanton aim to place them in a way that feels entirely natural to the patient. However, individual experiences can vary, and some patients might feel that their implants feel different from their natural body tissue, especially during certain activities or movements.

Fat transfer to the hips involves transferring fat from one part of the body to the hips. Its longevity can vary, but it often provides lasting results, although some of the transferred fat may be reabsorbed by the body over time.

Learn more about liposuction in Los Angeles, CA by calling (310) 278-0077 or schedule a consultation with Dr. Ryan Stanton, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA.