The Effects of Everyday Stressors on Your Skin

What do yoga, a mid-afternoon nap, and puppy snuggles all have in common? Any of these three activities could help improve the appearance of your skin. You’re likely wondering, “How can playing with puppies make my skin look better?” It all comes down to stress. Everyday stressors – including your obnoxious boss or feeling unprepared… Read More »

Welcome to our new site!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new website!  Dr. Stanton and his team are excited to share their new website with current and future patients in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Please browse a few of our favorite pages: Meet Dr. Stanton Photo Gallery Testimonials We look forward to seeing you soon! Feel… Read More »

Dr. Ryan A. Stanton – Buttock Implants

Buttock implants is a surgical procedure that help reshape and enhance the contour, perkiness and projection of your gluteal region. Fat transfer is about the only other FDA accepted surgery for buttock augmentation.  Over thelast ten years, a plump female buttocks has become ever more associated with sensuality and femininity. Due to this, more and… Read More »

The Butt Doctor in Beverly Hills

Choosing The Best Buttock Augmentation Doctor You must take your time to check out the credentials of the surgeon that will conduct the butt implant surgery for you in Beverly Hills. Has he conducted such operations before (at least 1-2 per week)? Is there a way for you to reach out to his previous butt… Read More »

Getting Hip To Hip implants

Although I encourage every patient to workout and live a healthy lifestyle, curvaceous hips often just come down to a genetics. Not everyone is born with the skeletal framework and fat deposits in the hip area that result in the curvy look. Take a look at some professional female bodybuilders and notice how they too have… Read More »