Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills, CA

After dedicating yourself to nine months of pregnancy followed by a lifetime of motherhood, it is your turn to get refreshed. Of course you would not trade motherhood for anything else in life but that does not mean you have to completely give up on yourself. Looking your best and therefore feeling your best will impact self-image, self-esteem and likely your overall ability to function as a wife/mom.

A Mommy Makeover may be just what you deserve to get back to where your body was before childbearing. The unwanted deflated &/or sagging breasts can be restored with either a breast augmentation &/or breast lift (mastopexy), residual fatty deposits sculpted with liposuction, and loose abdominal skin with stretch marks removed by a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) – see also the photo gallery for these procedures done on real moms. There is good reason women and not men get pregnant, women are simply tougher and fortunately therefore much more tolerant of surgery than men.



By trusting Dr. Stanton, your entire surgical experience will not only be state-of-the-art but uniquely personalized. We want to create results that fit you and a speedy recovery process that gets you back to your loved ones ASAP!