Calf Augmentation

Calf Augmentation & Calf Implants in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, CA

Both men and women, mostly average folk’s not just bodybuilders, not infrequently seek augmentation and/or enhancement of their calves. Unfortunately, this is one muscle group in particular extremely difficult to grow even with the most intense forms of exercise (e.g. their mass is simply bound my genetic limitations!). Others may be limited by trauma or by viral infections during childhood such as Polio, or genetic and developmental nerve and muscle deformities, such as Spina Bifida and Club Foot. In any case, these individuals are frequently timid to wear shorts or skirts that expose their calves.

Fortunately, there exists a relatively safe and effective surgical procedure using semi-solid silicone rubber (not gel like breast) implants. Through a small inch or so incision, within a crease, at the back of the knee, the implant is placed just under the connective tissue lining of the muscle bellies to augment/enhance the calves. Because there are two muscle bellies, an inner (usually the larger of the two) and an outer, two implants may be necessary for the proper size and balance. Also because these implants are not filled with gel, they cannot rupture or leak and thus they are considered to be permanent (e.g. no need for replacement after 10 years like breast implants).