How Long Will My Hip Augmentation Results Last?

A curvy, voluptuous, and sensual figure is the ultimate definition of the female form. If your natural curves leave a little to be desired, a hip augmentation can help you redefine your hip contours for a mesmerizing silhouette. Before you get this effective surgery, you might wonder how long do hip augmentation results last in the first place.

When performed using implants, hip augmentation can deliver results that may last a lifetime. These results make a hip augmentation with implants different from fat grafting, where you can expect to lose a significant amount of transferred fat shortly after the procedure. Implants provide you with the assurance that you will be able to enjoy the redefined curves of your hips for a long time to come.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in performing hip augmentation with implants, Dr. Ryan Stanton can help you obtain your ideal aesthetic through hip augmentation in Beverly Hills. Dr. Stanton’s specialization in lower body contouring is so sought-after that he is known as The Butt King™ among his patients.

To help you determine how long hip augmentation results last after the surgery, here is an overview of the procedure.

What Is Hip Augmentation?

Hip augmentation is a surgical procedure that helps you enhance the size and shape of your hips to flaunt more pronounced curves, helping you achieve an hourglass figure and a profoundly feminine look.

Hip augmentation is performed by using implants—biocompatible medical devices that are inserted under your skin and tissue to reshape and redefine your figure. Hip implants are made of silicone and crafted in a custom shape for each patient, which adds to their high safety profile and natural-looking results.

When performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, hip augmentation surgery can provide you with stunning results and deliver dramatic improvements to the curves of your hips. The long-lasting results of the surgery also contribute to its popularity and make it a sought-after procedure throughout the world. You can also complement the results of your hip augmentation by enhancing your curves in other areas of your figure through breast augmentation and butt implants.

After learning more about hip augmentation, it becomes easier to understand how long hip augmentation results last for most patients. From there, you can plan your journey to attaining an hourglass figure with more confidence.

How Long Can I Expect My Hip Implants to Last?

Typically, hip implants may last permanently, so they may continue to accentuate your figure until you decide to remove or replace them, making hip augmentation a long-lasting solution.

However, significant weight fluctuations or the natural effects of aging can influence the overall shape of your body and how it complements your revised hip proportions. While your silicone hip implants will not shrink or grow with these changes, you might want to revise your implants to line up with the rest of your figure.

In such cases, you can either replace or remove your hip implants to redefine your hip proportions. For this purpose, you can reach out to your plastic surgeon again and explore your options for hip augmentation revision.

By using his extensive expertise in butt and hip implants, Dr. Stanton performs your hip augmentation with current results and future body changes in mind. This not only delivers stunning outcomes after your surgery but also minimizes your chances of requiring revision procedures in a few years.

What Factors Influence the Longevity of Hip Augmentation Results?

The following factors may influence the longevity of hip augmentation results.

  • Age. The relentless effects of aging may cause your skin to lose its elasticity and form a wrinkled look around your hips, affecting the pronounced shape of your curves.
  • Skin laxity. In some cases, you may prematurely lose skin elasticity and tightness to reasons, such as smoking. This may lead your skin to gather around your hips and obscure your redefined contours.
  • Weight Fluctuations. Losing or gaining weight does not affect the size of your silicone hip implants. But it can affect the silhouette around the other areas of your figure and obscure the sculpted look of your hips.

After your hip augmentation surgery, following the instructions provided by your plastic surgeon can help you maintain your results for a longer time. While you may still not be able to stop the natural effects of aging, you may stay away from the negative results of unhealthy lifestyle habits.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Stanton will explain how long hip augmentation results last for most patients and which factors may keep you from enjoying your new curves for a longer time. This ensures that you are able to get the most out of your hip augmentation surgery.

Can Hip Implants Experience Wear and Tear Over Time?

Hip implants are made from a soft silicone material that does not carry the risk of wear and tear. These implants are also inserted within a pocket of muscle that is located underneath layers of skin, fat, and tissue, ensuring they become a part of your figure and remain protected from damage.

The durability of hip implants is one of the reasons the procedure can provide you with lifelong results that help you flaunt your curves for as long as you like.

How Do I Maintain the Longevity of My Hip Augmentation Results?

You can maintain the longevity of your hip augmentation results through the following practices.

  • Follow your surgeon’s post-op instructions. Make sure that you understand the aftercare instructions provided to you by your plastic surgeon during your recovery. This reduces your risk of running into complications and helps you achieve ideal results that last a long time.
  • Consume a healthy diet. When you consume a diet rich in nutrients, you can reduce the chances of premature aging and skin laxity concerns, helping you maintain your prominent hip contours.
  • Exercise regularly. Giving your body the stimulation it needs not only helps you steer clear of unwanted weight gain, but it also lets you retain the contours of your overall figure. This can help you enjoy the results of your hip augmentation for years to come.
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle that helps you reduce the effects of aging and weight fluctuations to preserve your overall silhouette after hip augmentation.


Are There Any Activities or Lifestyle Choices That Could Affect the Durability of Hip Implants?

Hip implants are designed for long-lasting performance. The soft silicone material also makes them resistant to wear and tear to ensure they do not sustain damage through regular activities or lifestyle choices.

It is important that you consult with your plastic surgeon about your post-procedure lifestyle, ensuring you get the most out of your hip augmentation surgery without excess risks.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Stanton notes down details about your current lifestyle and your plans after your hip augmentation surgery. This helps him provide you with personalized suggestions on how to preserve your hip augmentation results for a longer period.

Do Hip Implants Require Replacement or Revision Surgery Eventually?

When performed by a qualified plastic surgeon who specializes in hip augmentation with implants, the procedure typically does not require a replacement or revision surgery. With long-lasting results, you can enjoy your results for years to come without having to undergo multiple procedures.

However, hip augmentation with implants is a highly specialized procedure that is not offered by many plastic surgeons. That’s why it’s important to select a surgeon who has intensive experience in handling this emerging but effective surgery to fantastic outcomes. Besides helping you learn and answer the question of how long hip augmentation results last, allowing you to choose enhancement without compromising safety.

Get Hip Augmentation in Beverly Hills, CA with the Help of Dr. Stanton

As one of the only board-certified plastic surgeons who uses implants for hip augmentation to positively stunning results, Dr. Stanton can help you obtain your ideal curves through this specialized procedure. With his skill, expertise, and experience in delivering hourglass silhouettes to his patients through a variety of procedures, he makes sure to help you attain your aesthetic goals while keeping your safety front and center.

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