How the Stanton Anatomic®️ Butt Implant Stands Up Against the Rest

When it comes to butt augmentation, few plastic surgeons compare with Dr. Ryan Stanton.

Dr. Stanton has performed more than 800 buttocks augmentation procedures using implants, significantly more than many plastic surgeons do in their entire careers. Dr. Stanton is known around the world as a top buttocks augmentation doctor, and his patients travel worldwide to California for the opportunity to enhance their backsides with the illustrious “Butt King®.”

What Is the Stanton Anatomic®️ Buttock Implant?

When Dr. Stanton started performing buttocks augmentation, he quickly realized that better implants were needed. He invested years of research and testing to create a new buttocks implant. Dr. Stanton’s unique implant quickly received full approval from the USPTO and the FDA.

The Stanton Anatomic®️ Buttock Implant is a patented buttock implant created by Dr. Stanton himself. It is a naturally-shaped, soft semi-solid silicone implant that is placed into the buttocks during butt augmentation procedures.

The Stanton Implant has a better shape than traditional buttocks implants. Its unique design allows Dr. Stanton to create highly realistic results.

Stanton Anatomic®️Butt Implants Are Better than BBL

The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is one of the most dangerous plastic surgery procedures performed in the U.S. While the risk of life-threatening consequences after BBL is still relatively low, Dr. Stanton believes that a BBL is too risky for its rewards, especially since better options are available.

Anatomic butt implants are safer and more effective than a BBL.

  • Butt implants can create a full, rounded buttock on more body types, including women who don’t have enough fat for fat transfer.
  • Results are significantly more predictable with a butt implant than with a BBL. Dr. Stanton will talk with you about your desired results and customize your procedure to create your desired appearance.
  • Anatomic butt implants provide permanent results. Your results will last until your butt implants are removed. Fat transfer often requires frequent retreatment to maintain fullness.
  • Dr. Stanton’s anatomic implants are designed with a women’s natural anatomy in mind. The unique shape creates better lift and more volume than a BBL.
  • Fat loss is common after a Brazilian butt lift (up to 80% of fat is reabsorbed by the body during the first year). This fat loss can leave the backside with unwanted dents and dimples. Buttocks implants create smoother, more consistent results.
  • Results from buttocks implants are highly predictable. Dr. Stanton will be able to tell you what your results will look like before your procedure so you can decide if surgery is right for you.

Dr. Stanton meets with at least two to three failed BBL patients each week. Brazilian butt lifts are popular, but they are often unable to produce the results that women desire. Dr. Stanton’s unique gluteal implants can enhance your shape and create your desired shape.

Are Butt Implants Safe?

Butt implants are one of the safest options for enhancing the buttocks. To ensure your procedure is as safe as possible, make sure you work with a board-certified plastic surgeon that is experienced in using buttocks implants. In California, Dr. Stanton is one of the best.

Safety for butt implants is similar to breast implants with a few distinct advantages. Butt implants are less likely to experience capsular contracture, a hardening of the scar tissue capsule, and do not require replacement every 10 years like breast implants.

Schedule Your Buttocks Augmentation Consultation

There’s a reason that Dr. Stanton’s patients lovingly call him, “The Butt King®.”

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A BBL can’t compare with buttocks augmentation by Dr. Stanton.