4 Tips to Aid Your Elbow Tuck Recovery

Many people experience loose skin surrounding the back of their elbows. The resulting insecurities can make wearing short-sleeved shirts, tank tops, and sleeveless blouses particularly problematic. Often, people with this issue wear long sleeves year-round so they don’t expose their arms in public.

Sagging skin around the elbows is a common dilemma with age and significant weight loss. Cosmetic procedures such as arm lifts and the celebrity elbow tuck aim to address these issues. If you reside in the greater Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, CA, region, you can work with leading plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Stanton to get the results you desire.

Though an elbow tuck is a straightforward procedure, it requires significant recovery time. If you are interested in pursuing an elbow tuck and want to learn more about the recovery process, here are four tips to help you reach your goals.

1. Follow the Recovery Timeline

After your procedure, you must limit elbow movement for four to six weeks. Keeping your arms still is essential for your elbows to heal. Most of us don’t think about how often we use our arms throughout the day, this can be a challenging adjustment. In addition to helping your body heal correctly, you allow the scar to fade gradually while healing and being patient. For these reasons, follow the recommended recovery timeline for best results.

2. Have Someone Look After You

Your outpatient procedure will take place while you are under local anesthesia. Once you are alert and stable enough to return home, you’ll need a reliable adult to drive you home, since you will still be groggy. You should also ask the same person to look after you for at least the first night to keep you safe and take care of you as you ease into your recovery.

3. Be Patient With the Process

Due to the procedure’s complexity and the strict movement restrictions, Dr. Stanton typically does one elbow at a time, which means you’ll undergo two separate procedures. Since each elbow needs four to six weeks to heal, get ready to test your patience and get the results you seek.

4. Get Help While Healing

Since you’ll have a limited ability to use your arms, you’ll need someone to help you complete daily tasks throughout your recovery. Arrange to get assistance from family members or hire professionals to care for your children, complete housekeeping chores, and so forth.

Start Your Elbow Tuck Journey

The elbow tuck procedure is relatively straightforward, but can result in remarkable benefits. To start your celebrity elbow tuck journey, contact our office at (310) 278-0077 to schedule your consultation.