The Popular, but Secret, Procedure You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

As we age and our weight fluctuates, the skin on the back of the elbow can become loose and wrinkled. Many people feel self-conscious about this and seek cosmetic intervention to address this issue. Experts like Dr. Ryan A. Stanton can help you achieve the results you’re looking from a celebrity elbow tuck.

If you’re local to Beverly Hills, CA, or the greater Southern CA region, you can work with Dr. Ryan A. Stanton to achieve your results. You may not have heard of a celebrity elbow tuck before, but this cosmetic procedure exists for individuals who want to feel comfortable after removing loose skin on their elbows.

Here’s some more information on the secret procedure you probably haven’t heard of—the celebrity elbow tuck! Be sure to work with experts with experience in elbow tucks so that you’re in the best position to love your results. Read on to learn more.

The Essentials of the Celebrity Elbow Tuck Procedure

The celebrity elbow tuck is conducted with the patient under local anesthesia. Right above the top of the elbow, a crescent shape of loose skin is removed. The remaining scar heals over to look like a natural elbow crease. After the scar fades (usually in six weeks), it is not noticeable.

Recovery Is a Long Process

Although the procedure is quick, keep in mind that the procedure is typically done one elbow at a time, given that the recovery time is around four to six weeks. During that time, movement of the elbow must be restricted. We don’t think about how frequently we use our arms to do things, but we often use them! You’ll need much help around the house and time to rest without much movement to heal correctly.

Get Your Confidence Back

Once you get through both recovery stages, you can feel confident wearing short sleeves and dresses without being concerned about your elbows. Make sure you have help around the house and childcare assistance to rest and recover during your four to six weeks of downtime for each elbow.

Your Specifications Matter

Although the celebrity elbow tuck is a specific procedure, you can discuss your expectations for results with your provider to ensure that your unique needs are implemented as part of the procedural framework. By working with experts like Dr. Stanton, you’re getting the best of the best and can rest assured knowing that your results will be natural-looking and specific to your body composition. To get started, complete the paperwork online so that Dr. Stanton can get an understanding of what you’re looking to accomplish as well as a starting point of where you are in terms of excess skin on the elbows.

Get the Elbows of Your Dreams

To learn more about the celebrity elbow tuck offered by Dr. Ryan A. Stanton, call the office at (310) 278-0077. Get the inside scoop on the celebrity procedure everyone is talking about and achieve the elbows of your dreams!