5 Big Benefits of a Butt Tuck

From pop culture references to general appeal, everything seems to sing praises of a shapely and contoured butt. Regardless of your figure, having firm and aesthetically pleasing buttocks can also work wonders for your self-confidence.

With a butt tuck in Beverly Hills, California, you can easily give your buttocks the firmness and contouring that you need. But if you have been wondering whether a butt tuck is worth your time, here are 5 benefits of butt tuck surgery that can help you make an informed decision about this procedure.

1. It Reshapes Your Butt Cheek

When it comes to butt tuck benefits, the most glaring advantage is the reshaping of your buttock cheeks. With advanced, targeted surgical techniques, the procedure redefines the muscular structure of your lower buttocks as well as the back of your thighs.

This results in a shortened outline for your buttock cheeks and gives them the taut appearance that earns the butt tuck procedure its name. This procedure is also excellent for those who are unhappy with the shape of their derrieres due to their natural outline or the effects of aging.

2. It Gets Rid of Excess Skin

In addition to reshaping the contour of your buttock cheeks, a butt tuck also trims any excess skin around them. This allows you to get rid of loose or sagging skin that forms due to aging, weight changes, or pregnancy. In turn, you can embrace one of the biggest benefits of butt tuck surgery.

Through this advantage, you can also smooth any wrinkles or signs of aging across your buttock cheeks. If you have gone through rapid weight loss with or without surgery, a butt tuck can help you recover the natural figure of your derriere and even improve it.

3. It Can Be Combined with Butt Implants

If you want to augment your butt tuck benefits, you can combine the butt tuck surgery with butt implants. These silicone-based implants are inserted beneath your skin to give your buttock cheeks a fuller, rounded, and more voluminous appearance. When you follow butt implants with a butt tuck, they deliver dramatic enhancements to your buttocks.

This combination of procedures is especially recommended for those who have a flat or slender butt along with sagging skin or an elongated butt shape. If you fall within this group, you can easily benefit from butt tuck and implants provided by a qualified surgeon like Dr. Stanton.

4. It Delivers Long Lasting Results

Another one of the major benefits of butt tuck surgery is how it can deliver long-lasting results for reshaping your lower buttocks. This is possible due to the deep, permanent stitches that are used within your body tissue to hold your new buttock shape together.

This benefit stands out for those who want to change the elongated or sagging shape of their lower buttocks. Through the power of nonabsorbable stitches and the support of a healthy lifestyle, you can maintain your butt tuck results for years to come. This allows you to flaunt your enhanced butt contour without worrying about its dissipation a couple of years after your surgery.

5. It Offers a Shortened Recovery Period

Similar to most modern surgeries that are performed by advanced surgeons, butt tuck benefits include a shortened downtime or recovery period as opposed to traditional surgeries. Most patients can resume most activities about two weeks after surgery. 

Many patients who undergo a butt tuck can also resume their work duties after a week, but they still need to follow certain precautions as advised by their surgeon. You can get the most out of your butt tuck without dedicating significant time to this procedure.

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