Start Your Summer Right with Body Contouring

Bikini season is almost here. If you need help perfecting your curves before heading beachside, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Stanton invites you to visit him for a consultation. Read on to learn more about Dr. Stanton’s recommended treatments that will have you looking fabulous this summer. Surgical Body Contouring for Summer If you’re seeking long-lasting results… Read More »

How to Enhance Your Breast Augmentation Results

When you choose Dr. Ryan Stanton for your breast augmentation procedure, you know your results are going to look great. Let’s help them look even better. We’re sharing our best tips for enhancing the results of your breast augmentation in West Los Angeles, CA. Augment the Hips/Buttocks An hourglass figure is one of the most… Read More »

Why Butt Implants Are Becoming So Popular

If you’re not naturally endowed with a full, voluptuous backside, squats aren’t going to save you. While lower body exercises help build muscle and tone, they only offer a small to moderate increase in the volume of the buttocks—not enough for most patients who desire a bigger bottom. Don’t despair. While squats won’t always provide… Read More »

10 Ways Butt Implant Surgery Will Change Your Life

Dr. Ryan Stanton’s Butt Augmentation Surgery There’s no more stigma when it comes to getting work done on your body, whether it’s a nose job or butt augmentation. Not so long ago people who had any kind of plastic surgery would keep it a secret. Plastic surgery was only spoken about in close-knit circles and… Read More »

The Butt Doctor in Beverly Hills

Choosing The Best Buttock Augmentation Doctor You must take your time to check out the credentials of the surgeon that will conduct the butt implant surgery for you in Beverly Hills. Has he conducted such operations before (at least 1-2 per week)? Is there a way for you to reach out to his previous butt… Read More »

Brazilian Butt Lift vs. Butt Implant

Why Patients Choose Butt Implants Over A Brazilian Buttlift If your rear is relatively flat and you think that bigger buttocks would drastically improve your appearance, why not find out.? The truth is that a perky curvaceous butt looks good on most everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone has been gifted with one. Moreover, traditional approaches such… Read More »