How to Seamlessly Turn “Hip Dips” into an Hourglass Figure

A hip dip, also known as violin hip, is as indentation that starts just from the hip to the upper thigh which is disliked by many who possesses it.

Hip dip scientifically known as trochanteric depression has less to do with the body weight and much more to do with the body structure and shape. Hip dip can be a natural body structure or as a result of excess flab in the wrong places. A hip dip that is as a result of natural body build is normal while that which is as a result of excess flab calls for attention to reduce the fat above and/or below it.

A hip dip is found in the majority of the female folks but is more pronounced and clearly visible in some compared to others.

Though it can be said that hip dips are part of a lean female’s overall athletic beauty, many of these same women prefer a more curvaceous full-bodied hourglass figure:

Wear Padded Panties

Wearing padded panties is only a temporary solution that helps you fill out the hip dents and make the dents less visible to others. But this only works for persons with natural hip dips and not for those whose hip dips result from excess flaps in the wrong places.


If you are the type that is always ready to take on challenges, exercises such as butt exercise, donkey kick, lunges, etc. have been identified as one of the ways of reducing hip dips associated with excess flab in the wrong places. If you have a natural hip dip, exercise likely be of little or no help, in which case cosmetic hip augmentation surgery is the only option.

Cosmetic Surgery

The fact that hip dips can naturally be part of your body structure doesn’t dispute the fact that it can’t be enhanced surgically.

You could decide to employ palliative measures to cover up your hip dips by wearing loose clothing and free-flowing clothes whose drape does the magic of hiding the extra bit of the curves on the hip.

But the question is, how long can you go on with that?

The advancement in the medical profession has availed you the opportunity of getting rid of your hip dips once and for all. All you need do is consult a surgeon that specializes in hip dip augmentation with implants to ascertain the exact type of surgery that is best for you.  Similar to buttock implants, cosmetic hip implants are made of soft semi-solid silicone rubber.  Unlike breast implants, these implants cannot rupture or leak and are thus permanent never requiring the automatic 10-year replacement surgery. The implants are placed into a pocket under the fat and fascia layer, just on top of the very tough tensor fascia lata tendon.  In this position, they should remain stable for many years, if not forever.  Like any cosmetic surgery, the key to success is proper planning and selection of the appropriately sized, shaped, and fitted implant – for this a plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic hip implants is strongly recommended.