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Buttock implants is a surgical procedure that help reshape and enhance the contour, perkiness and projection of your gluteal region. Fat transfer is about the only other FDA accepted surgery for buttock augmentation.  Over thelast ten years, a plump female buttocks has become ever more associated with sensuality and femininity. Due to this, more and more women have pursued augmenting their buttocks surgically. According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery(https://www.surgery.org/sites/default/files/ASAPS-Stats2017.pdf),23,115 buttock augmentations were performed in 2017 and the number is increasing yearly over 10%.  According to the International Society of Plastic Surgeons 2017 Global Statistics, buttock implants were the 3rd fastest growing cosmetic surgical procedure.

At drryanstanton.com, you are at the hands of an expert whom has performed nearly 1000 buttock implant procedures and has created and patented his own anatomic implant design (i.e. Stanton Anatomic®️ gluteal implants). Although there is just about no limit to the size of butt implant that we can custom make, the one that fits your anatomy best is usually the one that looks the absolute best as well. Similar to breast implants, once the first set of maximum size implants are inserted, larger ones can be replaced after 6+  months for patients desiring over-proportioned implants/butts. Our highest priority is to enhance your gluteal region through a relatively safe, reliable, predictable, and stable long lasting surgical option…something that cannot be said about fat transfer/BBL.

Ryan A. Stanton, M.D. is a board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California. He has been practicing plastic and reconstructive surgery for the past 18 years. He is the founder and Medical Director of the Modern Institute of Surgery, Inc., an ambulatory surgery center established to provide effective cosmetic and plastic surgery services. He and his staff are dedicated to ensuring that we maintain reasonable customer expectations and satisfaction. This is evident in the unparalleled service that they have provided to patients for over 18 years . You are encouraged to view many buttock implants before and after photos by Dr. Stanton on https://drryanstanton.com/butt-implants/before-after-womens/

When Is The Appropriate Time To Perform Buttocks Implant?

Buttock implants are best carried out when;

  • You have lost the weight and shape of your buttocks due to sickness, aging, or diet
  • Your clothes do not fit properly to your body figure, especially your gluteal area.
  • Your buttocks are very flat and have less curves than desired
  • You want to have that youthful perky appearance back
  • You simply want more projection and/or fullness

NOTE: Dr. Stanton has done buttock implants for buttock reconstruction on patients as young as 15 years old and for cosmetic enhancement on patients as old as 75 years of age.

How Is The Buttock Implant Procedure Performed?

Buttock implants are made of soft semi-solid silicone rubber which cannot rupture or leak like breast implants. Incisions are made within the depth of the butt crack and then a pocket is created within the gluteus muscles (aka “intramuscular”).  The implants are then positioned within this pocket and the wounds closed with a combination of stitches. The pocket should never be on top of the muscles or “subfascial” because the implant will surely become visible and saggy over 6 – 12 months.

Results of Our Buttocks Implant

Like breast implants, buttock implant results take at least  6 – 7 months to fully mature.  Over this time period, swelling subsides but the buttock actually becomes more defined and projected as is highly desired. As time goes on the scars begin to fade and blend in to the surrounding skin at variable levels depending upon individual patient genetics. By definition, the human body’s scar healing process takes 1 – 1 ½ years to fully mature. Again, the results of buttocks augmentation with implants ispermanent, period.

How Much Are Butt Implants?

The cost of buttock implants varies and depends upon the region, surgeon reputation and experience. Custom buttock implants also cost a bit more, but are commonly discounted for repeat patients.Because very few plastic surgeons nationwide perform buttock implant surgery, it is worth it for many patients to travel far and away to have it done correctly the first time around.  Revision surgery for “botch jobs” or suboptimal outcomes not only becomes over twice as expensive but also sets the patient back at least a full year in recovery.

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At drryanstanton.com, we aim to fully educate you and provide you with the most anatomically suitable buttock implant for your physique. We can make you as perky and projected as you want but do it systematically, strategically and relatively safely. Call us now to schedule an appointment.