How Large Can I Go with Tricep Implants Without Risk?

You’ve put in the work at the gym, but where are the rewards? Exercise is a funny thing. Some men spend hours at the gym and see little results. Others put in less effort but reap a sculpted and toned appearance.

If you’re not achieving the desired results at the gym, body implants may hold the key to your ideal physique.

Tricep implants are a popular type of implant that can increase the circumference of the arm, creating a sculpted and toned upper arm appearance. While bicep implants add shape to the front of the arm, tricep implants work their magic on the back of the arm. Bicep and tricep implants are often paired together to create an arm that looks toned and defined from every angle.

Tricep Implants: How Big Can I Get?

Bigger isn’t always better.

When choosing the appropriate size for a tricep implant, Dr. Ryan A. Stanton considers a patient’s aesthetic goals and anatomy. His goal is to select an implant that will complement and enhance the arms without causing damage or injury.

There is a risk in choosing an implant that is too large. Overly sized tricep implants can cause:

  • Skin thinning
  • Nerve damage
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Muscle damage

Bigger implants tend to come with more risk than appropriately sized implants. Work with a plastic surgeon who is experienced in tricep implant procedures and follow their advice to select an implant size that is safe for your anatomy.

Dr. Stanton customizes implant selection for each patient. Typically, tricep implants can safely add up to an inch of circumference to the upper arms.

The Key to Implant Safety and Success: Your Plastic Surgeon

Tricep implants can be a safe and easy option for improving the definition and contours of the arms. But like all surgical procedures, it does carry some risk. To minimize your risks and ensure a better result, choose your plastic surgeon carefully. An experienced surgeon is an essential key to a successful procedure.

Body implants are challenging to get right. Many surgeons do not offer tricep or bicep implants. Others that do offer these implants don’t place implants very often. Dr. Stanton specializes in implants. He performs implant procedures every week and has more experience working with implants in a year than many surgeons do in their entire careers.

Choosing a skilled surgeon helps patients to avoid many complications. Experienced surgeons know how to choose a safe implant size, place the implants, and address issues if they do arise. Dr. Stanton has a low complication rate and is known for creating natural-looking results with tricep implants.

Learn More About Tricep Implants in Los Angeles

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