Why Are More Men Opting for Chest Augmentation Procedures?

Take your shirt off with confidence. A sculpted and defined chest is a highly desirable feature for men, but achieving one can be difficult. Many men spend hours at the gym and eat a careful diet but still struggle to create their desired level of chest definition.

Chest augmentation can enhance the appearance of your chest. Silicone implants create shape and definition in the pectoral muscles.

Common Reasons for Chest Augmentation

Pectoral implants have increased in popularity over the last several years. Common reasons for chest augmentation surgery include:

  • Gynecomastia – Gynecomastia is an overdevelopment of breast tissue in men. Dr. Stanton can treat this condition by removing fatty and breast tissue with liposuction or surgical excision. A chest implant can be placed to create definition after the excess breast tissue is removed.
  • Underdeveloped Chest – Some medical conditions can cause underdevelopment of the chest muscles. Men with this condition will likely never achieve a defined chest due to a natural lack of muscle tissue in the chest area. Pectoral implants can create the appearance of muscle tone and definition.
  • Chest Asymmetry – Pectoral implants can balance chest asymmetry from congenital conditions or chest trauma. Dr. Stanton often uses two differently sized implants to balance the chest and create a sculpted, defined appearance to the pectoral muscles.
  • More Athletic Look – Men with an athletic build typically have well-defined chest muscles. Chest augmentation can create the appearance of a stronger, more powerful body type. Chest augmentation isn’t a replacement for exercise. It is a tool to enhance the efforts you’re already making so you can create the body you desire without having to live at the gym.

While the reasons for choosing this procedure vary, the goal is always the same: to enhance the appearance of the chest. Dr. Stanton can help you decide if pectoral implants can improve the appearance of the chest and help you meet your aesthetic goals.

Body Enhancement for Men: Other Options

Chest augmentation is one of Dr. Stanton’s most popular procedures for men, but it isn’t the only male procedure he performs. Dr. Stanton specializes in body implants and helps his male patients to enhance many areas of their bodies, including the chest, bicepstriceps, and calves.

The body implants Dr. Stanton uses are all made from a medical-grade, durable silicone. These implants are implanted into the body to create natural-looking definition and shape. Implants continue to hold their condition until they are removed. Many of Dr. Stanton’s patients will enjoy lifelong enhancement of the treated areas.

Chest augmentation is often paired with other implant procedures for a whole-body transformation.

Create Your Ideal Body with Dr. Stanton

Don’t leave your ideal body up to Mother Nature. If your chest is lacking the tone and definition you desire, male chest augmentation can help. Take control of your appearance and create the body you’ve always wanted.

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