Top 5 Male Procedures to Prep for Summer With Dr. Ryan Stanton

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Plastic surgery for men is on the rise, with many hopping on board with procedures designed to turn heads on the beach, at the poolside, or in the gym. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Stanton often works with men interested in getting their body outlines in optimal shape.

According to annual statistics, the number of men seeking aesthetic improvement has been increasing for years. The procedures they choose include surgical and nonsurgical treatments to enhance their appearance. Today, let’s talk about popular operations to help men achieve their cosmetic goals.

1. Liposuction

When nutrition and fitness don’t fulfill your cosmetic goals, body shaping surgery can help. Liposuction targets fat that diet and exercise ignore. Removing stubborn fat deposits like love handles or a protruding belly can whittle down areas like your stomach, sides, back, and chest.

2. Tummy Tuck

While abdominoplasty is in demand among mothers trying to reclaim their pre-pregnancy bodies, a tummy tuck is becoming a popular procedure for men. With significant weight loss, the abdominal region sags with loose tissue and skin. Abdominoplasty surgery can reinforce the abdominal wall while tightening up skin texture and eliminating excess fat.

3. Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia is the condition where excess breast tissue remains in men after puberty, causing what many of us call man boobs. Male breast reduction allows a man to take his shirt off in public with no embarrassment. Gone are the days of shopping for loose-fitting shirts with thicker material to hide this cosmetic concern. It also helps in intimate moments when you’re trying to focus on the experience instead of hiding your chest.

4. Chest Reconstruction

Men seek pectoral implants when they need more shape and definition. Not all men can accomplish the perfect body with a committed workout routine. Genetics and anatomy come into play, as does the time you spend in the gym. Men struggling to build chest muscle through exercise alone can augment their chest contours with plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Using chest implants enhances the appearance of chest abnormalities, like a pigeon chest, funnel chest, or Poland’s syndrome.

5. Bicep Implants

Want to flex those biceps when lifting that drink cooler on the beach? You can bump up those muscles with bicep implants. Dr. Stanton can transform your upper arms with these well-placed devices to provide a sexy bulge.

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