What Are Some of the Best-Known Reasons for Breast Reduction Surgery?

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When bigger isn’t better, it may be time to consider breast reduction surgery. Women with abnormally large breasts will tell you they often cause more trouble than they are worth. Breast reduction surgery – a procedure that removes breast tissue, fat, and excess skin from the breasts – can alleviate many of the problems associated with overly large breasts.

Why do women choose breast reduction surgery? Discover some of the best-known reasons below.

Pain and Difficulty Exercising

Are your breasts standing between you and your fitness goals? Large breasts can be heavy and cumbersome, making it painful to participate in sports and other physical activities. Heavy breasts can block movement or limit range of motion. Their weight and movement can make activities like running and jumping challenging or impossible.

After breast reduction surgery, our patients enjoy activities that once seemed impossible. Some of our patients take up running, hiking, or team sports. Others continue to participate in the activities they have always loved, but with more comfort and enjoyment.

If your breasts are limiting your physical capabilities, it may be time to consider breast reduction surgery.

Back and Neck Pain

Heavy breasts can pull on the bones, tendons, and muscles in the neck, back, shoulders, and joints. For some women, this constant tension creates significant pain and discomfort. Some women experience headaches in addition to back and neck pain.

Breast reduction surgery can significantly reduce the weight of heavy breasts. This weight reduction can relieve discomfort and allow for better posture and alignment, potentially averting back and spine damage in the future.

Challenges With How Clothes Fit

Large breasts make it incredibly challenging to find clothes that fit properly. Tight clothing looks too revealing, and loose clothing looks frumpy.

Women with surgically reduced breasts can enjoy styles they never would have dreamed of wearing before surgery. Our patients tell us they feel more confident and comfortable in the clothing they wear.

Breasts Get Too Much Attention

You are a whole person. Your breasts are only part of a beautiful you. However, some overly endowed women find that their breasts dominate their appearance and interactions with others.

Breast reduction surgery can bring your breasts into proportion with your body, helping take the focus off your breasts so the world sees everything that makes you unique.


Bacteria and sweat collect in the folds under large breasts. Itchy, red, and uncomfortable skin rashes can develop as a result.

Breast reduction surgery can eliminate these folds of skin, reducing the likelihood of rashes and other skin conditions.

Resolve Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry, a condition where one breast is significantly larger or smaller than the other, is another common reason for breast reduction. Dr. Stanton can reduce one or both breasts to bring your breasts into better harmony.

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Breast reduction may not be as popular as breast augmentation, but in the right situations, this procedure changes lives. Contact Dr. Stanton to learn more about breast reduction surgery in Los Angeles.