How to Enhance Your Breast Augmentation Results

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When you choose Dr. Ryan Stanton for your breast augmentation procedure, you know your results are going to look great. Let’s help them look even better. We’re sharing our best tips for enhancing the results of your breast augmentation in West Los Angeles, CA.

Augment the Hips/Buttocks

An hourglass figure is one of the most coveted body shapes but achieving those dramatic curves naturally doesn’t happen very often. Breast implants fill out the top portion of your hourglass shape. Complete the process with hip and/or buttocks augmentation to volumize the bottom half.

Dr. Stanton is one of the top providers of buttocks implants in the West Los Angeles area. His patented butt implant design, called the Stanton Anatomic®️ Buttock Implant, helps him achieve better fullness and superior shape than other butt augmentation methods like the Brazilian butt lift.

Tighten Up

Your breasts are only one part of your body. By tightening up your tummy and improving your physique, you can enhance the results of your breast surgery. The better your body looks, the better your breast implants will look. Our BodyTite procedure is a non-surgical option for tightening up loose skin and removing excess fat without surgery or downtime. It’s an easy option for improving your body and enhancing your breast surgery results.

Maintain Your Weight

Balance is the key to achieving the best possible results from plastic surgery. Your surgeon will carefully choose a breast implant size that complements your anatomy. Gaining or losing a significant amount of weight can change these proportions and impact your breast augmentation results.

We recommend that patients maintain a consistent weight after surgery.

Do You Need a Lift?

Breast implants are powerful tools for volumizing and shaping the breasts, but they have their limitations. Breast implants cannot correct skin laxity or breast sagging.

Breast sagging is a prevalent problem, especially after pregnancy or weight loss. If your breasts are starting to sag (or if you have significant sagging), you may need a breast lift. This procedure is often paired with breast augmentation. Your surgeon will remove excess skin and lift and shape the breast tissues at the same time they insert your implants. If you already have implants and are now experiencing sagging, breast lift surgery can be performed during a revision procedure.

Work with a Top Doc

The best breast augmentation results come from the best plastic surgeons. If you want results you’ll love, you need to choose your surgeon carefully. We recommend working with a doctor who regularly performs cosmetic breast surgery and is highly experienced using implants.

Schedule your breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Stanton today. Contact us online or call (310) 278-0077 to learn more about your options for breast augmentation in West Los Angeles. Our team looks forward to hearing from you soon!