Why Facelifts Are Becoming More Popular with Younger People

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Who says you have to be old to get a facelift? Although this rejuvenating facial procedure used to be reserved for patients with significant aging, modern facelift techniques have transformed this procedure into a rejuvenating option for patients of every age. Many of our facelift patients are young professionals in their 30s and 40s that want to control the aging process and retain their youthful looks.

If you’re starting to see wrinkles and want to hit pause (or rewind) on the aging process, contact Dr. Ryan Stanton to learn more about our Beverly Hills facelift.

Reasons Younger Patients Love Facelifts

Younger patients are increasingly seeking out cosmetic surgery to help slow the aging process. Many of these patients have enjoyed the benefits of other surgeries like breast augmentation or butt implants and are now turning to plastic surgery to combat age-related changes in their appearance.

There are many benefits to receiving a facelift as a younger patient, including:

  • Less Likely to Have Serious Health Conditions – Facelift surgery can be very safe, provided you choose a skilled surgeon and are in good health. As you get older, medical conditions that can make surgery risky are more likely to occur, making a facelift impossible. Younger patients are less likely to have developed conditions like diabetes or heart disease that can complicate surgery.
  • A Less Invasive Procedure – Aging is progressive. In your 30s and 40s the process is just getting started, but by your 60s, aging can be significant. When a facelift is performed on a younger patient, the amount of correction needed is smaller, and the procedure is less invasive. Many patients can skip the full facelift and achieve stunning rejuvenation with a mini-facelift instead. This is a much shorter procedure, requiring less time in the operating room and offering a significantly reduced recovery.
  • Shorter Scars – Dr. Stanton can often use a shorter facelift incision on younger patients. A smaller incision means smaller and less visible scars.
  • Natural-Looking Enhancement – A traditional facelift can reverse the aging process by a decade or more by tightening facial muscles and removing excess skin. Younger patients have less significant aging and require less tightening. These subtle changes offer a more natural-looking result.
  • Surgical Quality ResultsDermal fillers and Botox are wonderful options for patients who want to rejuvenate without surgery. However, these non-surgical treatments aren’t a lasting alternative to a surgical facelift. Only a facelift can tighten the underlying facial tissues and remove loose skin. A facelift brings younger patients surgical quality results that are not achievable with fillers or Botox.

By getting facelift surgery as a younger patient, you can enjoy a lifetime of results. As you age, new wrinkles and sagging will inevitably occur, but these changes can be corrected with a revision facelift in the future and significantly reduced with proper skincare.

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