Why Sculptra May Not Be the Best Choice for Butt Augmentation

Woman's butt in a bikini

As “The Butt King®” of Beverly Hills, Dr. Ryan Stanton receives many questions about buttock augmentation. Recently, several patients have asked about using Sculptra®, a popular dermal filler, to shape and contour the buttocks.

Sculptra is injected into the butt and hip areas, with the goal of increasing the size and projection of the buttocks. While this option may sound tempting in theory, in practice, you’re going to be disappointed.

Shortcuts Don’t Work

Understandably, our patients want to minimize downtime and discomfort while achieving stunning body transformations. The idea of a treatment that can shape the buttocks without the downtime of surgery entices many into exploring alternatives like Sculptra.

Unfortunately, shortcuts don’t work and will not achieve the results you’re hoping for. Dr. Stanton does not recommend using Sculptra for buttocks or hip augmentation.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Not FDA Approved – Sculptra is FDA approved for use in the face but has not received approval for other areas of the body like the buttocks. Choosing a treatment that is not FDA approved means that safety data and testing do not yet support the use of this treatment.
  • Temporary – Fillers are temporary. At most, Sculptra only provides results for 1-2 years. Regular retreatment will be needed to maintain your results.
  • Cost Prohibitive – For 99% of our patients, Sculptra isn’t financially feasible for buttock augmentation. To create a significant difference in buttocks volume, at least 200 ml of product is needed for each buttock cheek (a total of 400 ml). Sculptra costs approximately $1,000 per ml, making the product cost alone for buttocks augmentation around $400,000. To lower the cost of this procedure, some providers use less product or mix Sculptra with saline, but these techniques will not create the desired results. When compared with total buttocks volume, 20-40 ml of product is a drop in the ocean, and you’ll spend tens of thousands of dollars on a barely noticeable result.
  • High Infection Rate – Used in small quantities, fillers are very safe (we offer several different facial fillers at our medical spa), but in the large quantities needed for butt augmentation, infections are much higher.
  • Filler Migration – Filler can shift when used in large quantities in the highly mobile buttocks area.
  • Scar Tissue and Inflammation – Large quantities of Sculptra can create a lot of inflammation and scar tissue in the buttocks. Scarring can harden and distort the buttocks, leading to disastrous effects on the shape and appearance of the backside.
  • Potential for Serious Complications – Embolism is a rare complication (less than 1%) of filler treatment, in which filler gets into the bloodstream and travels into the lungs, heart, or brain. An embolism can cause serious problems including death.

Dr. Stanton has serious concerns about the safety and efficacy of using Sculptra filler for buttocks augmentation.

How Can I Effectively Augment My Buttocks?

Do you want bigger and shapelier buttocks? Dr. Stanton recommends using butt and hip implants, not injectable fillers, for the best results. Implants last longer, provide more shape and volume, and create consistent, predictable results.

Sculptra doesn’t work well for buttocks augmentation, but implants do. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Ryan Stanton, board-certified plastic surgeon and implant extraordinaire by calling (310) 278-0077.