Your Guide to Hip Widening Surgery

Get your hourglass curves. Hip widening surgery, aka hip augmentation, extends the width of the hips using implants to create full, rounded hips that complement your trim, toned waistline. Pair hip augmentation with breast implants (or naturally full breasts) and you can create hourglass curves, even if Mother Nature didn’t naturally bless you with them.

Let’s create curves together.

Hip Implants for Hip Augmentation

Dr. Stanton uses implants for hip augmentation. Like breast implants, hip implants are made from silicone, but unlike breast implants, they are not filled with saline or silicone gel. The soft, semi-solid hip implants feel like natural muscle tissue and once they are placed, they will feel like a natural part of your body.

Dr. Stanton places the implants through a small incision along the underwear line. The implant is positioned under the skin, fat, and fascia, on top of the hip muscles. Your incision will be hidden under most bikini bottoms and underwear. As you heal, the incision will fade significantly, becoming unnoticeable in many patients, even without clothing.

How Much Time Off Work Will I Need?

Full recovery from hip augmentation can take 6-8 weeks, but you’ll be back to work and your other favorite activities much sooner. Most patients need about a week off from work. Exercise can be resumed slowly and gradually with gentle walking almost immediately after surgery and upper arm exercises at about two weeks.

Dr. Stanton ensures a comfortable recovery by providing patients with the medications they need to manage side effects while they heal.

How Long Do Hip Augmentation Results Last?

Hip augmentation is low-maintenance and high reward. Your new curves will last until you remove your implants. Enjoy your sexy curves for decades or more.

What About Fat Transfer or a BBL?

Fat transfer is all the rage right now, but that doesn’t mean it is the best option for widening the hips or enhancing the backside. Fat transfer is notoriously unreliable and isn’t an effective choice for many of Dr. Stanton’s patients.

If you’re thin and fit or have a high metabolism, you probably don’t have the fat stores necessary to achieve dramatically wider hips from fat transfer. A BBL won’t produce the results you want.

Fat transfer also carries significant risks with approximately 1 in 3000 BBL patients dying from the procedure. Implants are safer and more effective for hip augmentation than fat transfer.

Dr. Stanton for Your Hip Augmentation in Los Angeles

Hip augmentation with implants is the best way to widen your hips, but the procedure isn’t common. Since most surgeons use BBL for butt and hip augmentation, few know how to properly place them. Dr. Stanton is one of the foremost experts in hip and buttock implants in the U.S. Because he performs hip augmentation frequently, he has the skill to create your best possible results. Widen your hips with Dr. Stanton. When you’re ready to get started, call our office at (310) 278-0077 and schedule a consultation.