10 Ways Butt Implant Surgery Will Change Your Life

Dr. Ryan Stanton’s Butt Augmentation Surgery

There’s no more stigma when it comes to getting work done on your body, whether it’s a nose job or butt augmentation. Not so long ago people who had any kind of plastic surgery would keep it a secret. Plastic surgery was only spoken about in close-knit circles and in hushed tones. Luckily, things are quite different now!

If you’re unhappy with your natural curves, there’s no shame in adjusting them to your liking!

Why get butt augmentation surgery?

There are several reasons why women and men opt to get butt augmentation surgery. You could be looking for extra attention. And what better way to get it than by adding a bit more to your beautiful derriere? Or perhaps you’re just looking to feel better in your own skin. Whatever the reason, this kind of surgery requires skilled surgical hands.

If you’re one of the many people in the world looking to hop onto the butt augmentation trend, then we highly recommend that you consult with a qualified specialist. In fact, one of the top butt augmentation experts is Dr. Ryan A. Stanton.

Dr. Stanton is a board-certified plastic surgeon, as well as a highly trained reconstructive surgeon. His extensive experience makes him one of the top cosmetic surgeons in the field of body contouring.

What is butt augmentation surgery?

The only two FDA approved butt augmentation procedures are Fat Transfer (aka Brazilian Butt Lift) and Buttock Implants. Of the two, butt implants are actually safer, and a much more reliable permanent solution. However, before you can actually get the surgery, you need to have a consultation. A thorough in-person physical exam with Dr. Stanton will give you peace of mind and a play-by-play of the entire procedure and recovery. Virtual consults are available and often performed for out of town patients, but all the final decisions are made once the physical exam is complete.

Why is butt augmentation so popular?

Ultimately, there isn’t just one reason why butt augmentation is popular. However, one of the biggest reasons is the Kardashians. There’s no doubt that Kim’s curvy derriere initially inspired A LOT of women to pay a visit to the plastic surgeon’s office! With the advent of social media such as Instagram, many more women are now inspiring to be like others “Insta-famous” within a wide variety of buttock shapes and sizes.

How much does buttock augmentation cost?

Several factors including previous surgery and/or injectables to the buttock must be considered. One of the most common misconceptions is that the initial surgery price varies according to implant shape and size.

Never make a surgical decision based primarily upon price.  Always consider the surgeon’s reputation, experience, reviews, and before/after photos related to the surgery of interest as the utmost importance. Choosing a surgeon you have good chemistry with is the next most important because you will be in pain and recovery with this person at your side and their direction for months and possibly even many years-long relationships.

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