What Are the Latest Trends in Body Contouring?

Hot or not? What’s trending in body contouring this year?

Hip and Butt Augmentation

Hourglass curves are never going out of style. Kim Kardashian’s stunning curves continue to inspire women to slim the waist and enhance the butt. Butt and hip augmentation are two of Dr. Ryan Stanton’s most popular procedures in Los Angeles, CA.

If you want a little more bump to your backside, try an implant. Implants are one of the most effective options for shaping the hips and buttocks. Implants last longer and create a more consistent result than a Brazilian butt lift. 

Dr. Stanton uses his patented Stanton Anatomic™️ Buttock Implant to create his stunning backside transformations. This fully FDA-approved implant is naturally shaped and made from soft, semi-solid silicone rubber. Dr. Stanton is famous for his buttock transformations, and patients travel to us from across Los Angeles and around the world to create a highly desirable full and rounded posterior.

Mommy Makeovers

Becoming a mom should add to your life, not take away from it. For centuries mothers lived with a lifetime of deflated breasts, stretch marks, and saggy tummies, but no more. With a mommy makeover, women can restore their bodies and self-confidence after childbirth through plastic surgery.

Dr. Stanton’s mommy makeovers are custom-created to target your areas of concern. He’ll work with you to decide which procedures are needed.

Putting moms back in control of their bodies and appearance is one of our favorite body contouring trends.

Evolve™ and Evoke™

If you’ve always wanted a tighter stomach or sculpted muscles, jump on the Evolve™ and Evoke™ trend. This innovative body contouring device uses powerful radiofrequency (RF) energy to remodel and shape the body from head to toe.

Evolve™ is ideal for the body and has three unique treatment modes: Tite, Trim, and Tone. Tackle your trouble spots and tighten up from the shoulders to the toes. Evoke™ offers similar tightening for the face.

Better body with no surgery? Sign me up for Evolve™ and Evoke™!

Male Procedures

Men are on fire! While women have traditionally enjoyed plastic surgery results, male procedures continue to trend. Year after year, we see more and more male patients.

Men love procedures that enhance muscle tone, sculpt the body, or transform a trouble spot. If leg day isn’t creating the sculpted calves you desire, turn to calf augmentation. If your chest contours fall flat, it is time for pectoral implants.

How to Leverage These Body Contouring Trends to Achieve Your Desired Body Shape in Los Angeles

Trendsetter? Follower? Whatever your relationship with the latest trends, Dr. Ryan Stanton has the expertise to leverage these body contouring trends and create your desired body shape. Interest piqued? Come on in for a visit!

Trends may come and go but feeling great about your body is always in style. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Stanton to start creating your dream body. Call (310) 278-0077 or contact Dr. Stanton online to schedule your consultation today.

Which of these body contouring trends are you excited to explore?